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The specific purpose of this cooperation is to serve the our generalist clients from the Department of Rehabilitation by providing vocational training, consulting services, and social and educational programs.

Company History

On My Own Community Services is a non-profit corporation established in 2007 to provide vocational services to eligible individuals. Referrals for these services come from either The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) or Alta California Regional Center (ACRC). We serve the Developmental Disability Service (DDS) (Habilitation) population as well as the General Public (Non-Habilitation).

On My Own Community Services has been awarded the highest level of accreditation by CARF International for Job Development, Job Support, and Employment Planning Service.

CARF accreditation is a public seal of trust and commitment to quality based on internationally accepted standards. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates On My Own Community Services’s commitment to exceptional, personalized care. An organization receiving the highest level of CARF accreditation has undergone a detailed peer review process and has demonstrated to a team of surveyors, during an on-site visit, its commitment to providing programs and services of the highest quality.

CARF Gold Seal of Accreditation

CARF International accreditation demonstrates a program’s quality, transparency, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. Toll free (888) 281-6531.

Thank you for your interest in On My Own Community Services. We are very happy to report that our organization received a Three-Year Accreditation Award from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This award shows the organization’s commitment to excellence in the area of vocational services. The team of On My Own Community Services is a dedicated and creative group of professionals who bring with them a great sense of pride in the work they do. It is always exciting to all of us to see one of our clients obtain employment and learn important job skills. We are pleased with the successes of our clients and our organization and look forward to addressing your employment goals.

Michelle Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer

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